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North Storefront

PURE Yoga Texas | North Austin
2525 W Anderson Lane #320
Austin, TX 78757

Our North Austin location is in the Northcross Mall, off of W Anderson Lane and Northcross Drive, near Walmart. Our storefront faces Northcross Drive. We are between Tarka and Massage Harmony.

Your membership is valid at all four PURE Bikram Yoga locations.
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Studio Manager
Audra Shimek
Audra location

As a teacher, I am so happy to help people change their lives. To see people struggle, help them through it, and finally to see the changes they make is so rewarding. This yoga gives a deep sense of self-realization, self-confidence and compassion for yourself and others. A Bikram class is the perfect balance of mental and physical challenges, teaching you how strong you really are and opening your eyes to your own limitless possibilities.

My first experience with Bikram Yoga was in September 2007. After years of playing Rollerderby, I thought it might be nice to “stretch” my body instead of beating it up. The balance of mental and physical challenge is what hooked me immediately. After a very short time I realized how much better I felt throughout each day.

Fast forward to today, I am 40 pounds lighter, I sleep better, enjoy overall mental clarity and calmness flows through me. A consistent yoga practice allows me to stay connected with my inner strength. As a Licensed Massage Therapist (since 2001), I see the positive effects Bikram Yoga has on my clients’ health and I believe regular practice is key to health-body maintenance. My massage experience gives me a particularly keen eye for alignment for bodies of all shapes and sizes. I love seeing the excitement and transformation of people after only a few classes of sweating out the emotional and physical toxins.

My goal is to motivate others to motivate themselves. I want to help people change their lives as I did. To become happy, healthy and strong from the inside out.