No Flexibility Required

If you’ve heard our local Austin radio spots on KUT 90.5 (NPR) and KUTX 98.9 (Austin’s most unique music station), you are probably familiar with our tagline, “No Flexibility Required.”

Read our latest contribution, Myths & Miracles of Bikram Yoga, in the Natural Awakenings Magazine, Austin Texas Edition, a locally owned guide to a healthier, more balanced life. Here we tackle the two most frequent questions / myths about Bikram Yoga:

  1. It’s too dangerous to practice yoga in 105 degree heat
  2. I am not flexible enough to do these poses. This can’t be a beginner’s class!


Mardy and I have been serving up this authentic and original hot yoga system in Austin since 2003, introducing Bikram Yoga to over 30,000 people. Over the years, we have seen remarkable change in students’ lives, even after just a handful of classes. We know that a regular practice of Bikram Yoga will improve your life, just as it has for ours.

We love partnering with the Cedar Park and Austin communities to share our passion for yoga practice. Through our locally-based nonprofit organization, PURE Action, Inc., we’ve funded yoga research studies and brought yoga (non-heated) directly to under-served communities right here in Central Texas. Through PURE Action, we’ve served the addiction recovery community for the last three years and will begin offering classes in the Austin Public Library system at eight of their branches under their My Library Keeps me Healthy – Yoga is Medicine program.

With more people practicing yoga regularly, we will all share a happier and healthier world. See you in the hot room!

Mardy and Jeff Chen

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