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The definition of PURE: Not mixed with any other substance or material; without any extraneous and unnecessary elements; free of any contamination; involving or containing nothing else but.

PURE Bikram Yoga is simple: 90-minutes, 26 postures, 2 breathing exercises, 105 degrees and 40% to 50% humidity. Without any extraneous and unnecessary elements. Containing nothing else but.

As a teacher, if you have the patience to stick with it long enough, you’ve probably chosen a life of service to others, like Georgia Balligian from Bikram Yoga NYC, who has been practicing for over 35 years! I overheard her words early on in my practice that really stuck with me. She said, “In my life I want to give more than I take.” She is a shining example of this credo and an example I want to follow.

I am asked all the time why we are so “rigid” in our teaching methods, such as Bikram Yoga’s “scripted dialogue” and repetitive 26-posture sequence. Do this long enough and you’ll find the freedom and liberation that results from not having to think. Remember, the ultimate goal in yoga practice is to “silence the modifications of the mind” (Yoga Sutras of Patanjali 1.2).

The word “discipline” seems to be frowned upon today. In a world full of distraction, we need a daily retreat for ourselves. We need a practice that is simple, pure, and authentic. Bikram Yoga is that. In fact, yoga is essentially self-discipline, of both body and mind (see below). Ask any successful person in any field and a common key to his/her attainment is consistent, self-disciplined practice.

Any person who is not lethargic in the pursuit of different forms of Yoga attains success through practice, be he young, old or even very old, sickly or weak. One who is intent on practice will succeed, not one who is idle. Success is not obtained by a mere reading of Yoga books. -Hatha Yoga Pradipika of Svatmarama – 64, 65

Need “real” evidence? Bikram Yoga Boston hosted last weekend’s PURE Action research symposium: “The Science of Bikram Yoga,” to a packed crowd in Harvard Square. I am fascinated by the vast unchartered waters that yoga research still has yet to map. Think of it: cardiovascular disease, diabetes, back pain, depression and anxiety; vanquished through daily practice of yoga and conscious nutrition. More empowering than swallowing a few daily pills, huh?

In the words of Emmy Cleaves, the senior-most Bikram Yoga Teacher: Practice with frequency, intensity, and precision. Be inspired by our student testimonials and Mardy’s take on the recent Yoga Asana Championships held in Dallas, TX. Yes, Bikram Yoga is for everyone, regardless of age, shape, size, or condition. My seventy seven year old mother practices three times per week. What’s your excuse?

Stay tuned!

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Jeff Chen, PURE Bikram Yoga Austin

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2 thoughts on “What Makes It PURE Bikram Yoga?

  1. Hi Mardy

    I just wanted to let you know that I started practicing yoga on 9/1/2014 in Cedar Park location and it has made a BIG difference in my life. I have sacroiliac joint dysfunction for the past 4 years, on physical therapy on weekly basis for almost 4 years UNTIL I started Pure Bikram! My sacroiliac joint symptoms are GONE and I have not been in PT since September 2014. It has been an amazing experience and most of all I relieved with most of my symptoms, including minor aches and pains from running too much.
    I want to give KUDOS to the great yoga instructors at the Cedar Park location. They are excellent and very supportive and encouraging. I want to recognize the instructors that have been consistently teaching me and they are following. Nora 2 (short haired), Lauren, and Ashton. On occasion, Nora 1 (long haired) and Jackie have taught some classes and they are also very good.
    Thank you very much for allowing me to have this opportunity to learn and practice Pure Bikram yoga.

    Donna Gaona

    1. Donna,

      What a fantastic story of healing through Bikram Yoga! You would be amazed at the myriad of medical conditions that can be addressed through a regular practice of yoga. Bikram Yoga is hard work sometimes, and we say that just getting into the room is the most difficult challenge. Keep it up!



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