Why I swore I would never take another Bikram classBikram Yoga, more often than not, sparks a “love it” or “hate it” reaction when it comes up in conversations. We believe that Bikram Yoga is for everyone, no matter what age or health condition, whether it be physical, mental, or emotional. It’s never too late and you’re never too sick to start honoring your body and balancing out your life.

Read the Elephant Journal article, Why I Swore I Would Never Take Another Bikram Class, and Why I’ve Started Regularly Practicing it and the author’s journey to a regular practice.

“Hate” what you see? Then Bikram Yoga is definitely for you! It reveals so quickly what you dislike in yourself. What you hate is often what you need most.
“Love” what you see? Join the rest of dedicated Bikram Yoga practitioners who see it as a total system of mind and body health.

The Bikram series of 26 poses annoyed me so much. I did not understand why savasana, a deep relaxation done lying on your back, separated every pose in the floor series. Backbends preceded and followed forward bends. The heat was oppressive. There were no props (big taboo in conventional yoga), no headstand or shoulder stand and the room was lined with mirrors.
I swore I would never take another Bikram class again.
Yet, here I am 14 years later, going to Bikram yoga almost every day. What changed?” READ ON



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