Inspire and be inspired
The mission of USA Yoga is to promote the health benefits of a regular yoga practice through demonstrations of yoga asana through regional and national yoga competitions. During these competitions the participants demonstrate the union of mind, body and breath – on stage, while inspiring their fellow competitors and being inspired themselves.
Many practitioners resist the idea of yoga competition, but when you ask those who have done it, you get some surprising answers.
While competitions offer a way for yogis to learn more about themselves and share their practice with others, they also pave the way for participants to get creative with yoga. “Participating in the Championships has encouraged me to sharpen my skills through training, dedication, and devotion to the sport,” Mardy Chen said.  

Yoga competitions offer participants a chance to simultaneously reflect on and become better versions of their selves. They offer competitors a community of people who are pursuing (and questioning) the same things. And they offer yoga enthusiasts a network within which to circulate ideas, training methods, new classes, and ways of engaging more deeply with the practice…”
~Austin Fit Magazin, Kicking Asana by Leila Noon

Read the full Austin Fit Magazin article interviewing PURE Bikram Yoga‘s Mardy Chen, Jeff Chen, and Monica LeBansky.

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