Testimonial by PURE Bikram Yoga South student Harashada L.

As a physician, I feel that Bikram Yoga is the best medicine I can take. 

I began practicing Bikram Yoga in October 2014 about two years after having both of my knee joints replaced.  Despite completing months of rehabilitation and physical therapy my range of motion was limited and I experienced pain and tightness throughout my lower body.

I began practicing daily and even completed a 30-day challenge around my 70th birthday!  My Bikram Yoga practice has sped up my recovery greatly and reduced the pain I experience.  Due to my practice, I’ve discontinued costly cervical facet steroid injections, oral pain medications, anti-inflammatory medications, anti-acid medications and traditional physical therapy.   I have experienced healing through Bikram Yoga that I was not able to find with any other therapies. 

I leave class feeling energized and refreshed.  So far, I have developed a renewed focus and vigor, lost weight, gained stamina and made new friendships.  Throughout my time with Pure Bikram Yoga, I have met some dear friends and fellow yogis.  Pure Bikram is a wonderful studio with a welcoming lobby and a beautiful hot room.  The teachers are amazing and I’m happy to have found my home studio.

Original source: http://pureyogaaustin.com/be-inspired/why-a-physician-practices-bikram-yoga

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