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Testimonial by PURE Bikram Yoga Cedar Park student, John H.

As a former Professional Football player in the NFL, I have played competitive sports most of my life. After retirement, I knew that I would need to change my eating habits and continue to exercise to continue feeling healthy. Because of the violent nature of the sport, I had some injuries that I knew could become an issue later in life, if I didn’t try and address them.

A former teammate of mine told me about Bikram Yoga which had never crossed my mind. A hot room to stretch…you must be kidding! I agreed to give it a try and it has truly been a blessing. I am now a believer that this type of compression exercise helps the body heal itself.

You realize as you get older that the one thing you lose, without a concerted effort, is flexibility and how important that is to maintain good health.  Combined with a little bit of weight training Bikram Yoga has allowed me to continue doing all the activities and sports I enjoy. The staff is a joy to work with and always supportive in helping you reach your goals.

The work during class is always challenging but I always feel better after finishing a class… Thank You PURE Bikram Yoga…I’m a student for life.

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