I know in my bones
Testimonial by PURE Bikram Yoga Cedar Park student Laurie B., who, along with seven other students, completed 30 classes in 30 days, winning the Cedar Park Rabbits the 2016 Spirit Award for 100% completion.

I am 45 and I just successfully completed the Bikram Yoga Challenge (30 yoga in 30 days).

Yes, it changed me:
I am learning to breathe, just breathe.
I “honor where I am at this moment.”
I do not give up.
I am strong.
I know deep in my bones, that when I choose, “no one or nothing can steal my peace.”

These changes spill out of the yoga room:
I want to stay in the moment with my husband and our son.

I can balance family, career, yoga, life.
I have freedom to choose how I want to live my life.

So with deep respect for our Bikram yoga practice, I plan on being that 85 year old woman who walks into the hot room and continues to learn to breathe, just breathe.

Original source: http://pureyogaaustin.com/be-inspired/i-know-deep-in-my-bones

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