First-time students will not be admitted late under any circumstances.
After Pranayama breathing, latecomers will not be admitted. No exceptions.

Multiple Classes

Students are limited to 2 classes per day. If you plan to take two classes in a day, please make sure to take electrolytes and stay hydrated. Triples (3 classes in one day) are not allowed.


Please no glass bottles in the yoga room.


Please keep duration of showers to 3 minutes.

Lost and Found

All lost and found items are donated to charity on the 1st and 15th of every month.


Please keep body and feet clean when attending class. Do not attend class with open wounds. No perfume (as some students are highly sensitive and/or allergic to strong scents).
Please clean up after yourself. Keep dirty tissues under your towel on your mat.  Laundry bins are located throughout studio for rental towels.
Please use recycling bins for all bottles.


Women should wear leotards or shorts and tank top or jog bra – something you are comfortable sweating in. Please no high cut leotards, bikinis, bathing suits and no underwear.
Men should wear shorts; no boxer shorts / briefs and no underwear.
No shoes or socks.

Cell Phones

No cell phones allowed inside the yoga room.


Please consult your doctor before taking classes. A Bikram Yoga Pregnancy video is available for sale at our studios.

Towels on Mats

Every student must have at least 1 beach towel on their mat for the duration of the class.


Rates are subject to change.

Discounted Rates

Please note – All discounted packages, as well as the $30 Introductory 14 day Unlimited membership may only be purchased in person at our studios.

The following students receive 15% off of our standard package rates:

  • Active Military and Veterans
  • Seniors 60 years or older
  • Government and Nonprofit employees
  • ISD Teachers
  • Students 25 and over

Students 24 and under receive 30% off of our Standard Package Rates.

Please present valid identification every purchase to qualify for these discounts.

Lesson Package Policy

  • All Packages EXPIRE. Please note your expiration date for your lesson package.
  • All packages begin on the date you first attend class on that package.
  • All packages are nontransferable and cannot be shared. No refunds or extensions allowed.

No Refunds

Pure Yoga Texas does not offer refunds.